MFS Jewelry can be found at: Gagosian Shop, NYC Website / Gumps, San Francisco Website
Eric Firestone Galley, East Hampton Website / Foundation Maeght, Rue du Bac, Paris Website

Item # E20
Mini puzzle earrings
(with posts)

Item # NPIC
Worrybeads on a silk cord

Item # CB30
Femme bot cuff


Item # CB32
Puzzle heart cuff
14k gold heart on silver cuff,
semi precious stones

Item # B2
MFS cult ring
Silver with 14k gold bezel,
semi precious stone

Item # CB4
Large puzzle bracelet


Item # P77
Large elephant with black patina,
pave diamond tusks in plain silver on silk cord

Item # CH37
Minotaur on a choker
24k gold over bronze

Item # NP25
Silver mini elephant on a chain


Item # CH27
Single puzzle choker
Silver with semi precious stone

Item # E6
large puzzle earrings

Item # CB6
Elephant cuff
14k gold on silver
Silver on Silver


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